Complaints is committed to all service satisfaction for you as a customer. Should the unlikely event occur that you have a complaint, please tell us as soon as possible so that we can look for a suitable solution. You will receive an acknowledgment of this and we will deal with your complaint within 14 days .

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Below are the complaints and disputes procedure as we have recorded it in our terms and conditions.

ARTICLE 14 – Complaints

1. The entrepreneur has a well-publicized complaints and deals with complaints under this procedure .

2. Complaints about the uitvoeringvan the agreement should be promptly, fully and clearly described submitted to the entrepreneur , the lack nadatde consumer has found .

3. Complaints submitted to the trader answered counted from the date of receipt . Within 14 days If a complaint is a foreseeable longer processing time , is answered by the operator within the period of 14 days , confirming receipt and indicating when the consumer can expect . A more detailed answer

4. A complaint about a product, service or the service of ondernemerkan also be submitted via a complaints form from the website Vande Webshop Hallmark . The complaint is then sent both to the entrepreneur as tothe Webshop Hallmark .

5 . If the complaint can not be resolved by mutual agreement, a dispute that is subject to the dispute.


1. Contracts between the entrepreneur and the consumer of these general terms and conditions , only Dutch law.

2. Disputes between consumers and entrepreneurs on the creation or implementation of agreements relating to or by supplying products and services , may, subject as provided below , this entrepreneur

be submitted to the Disputes Committee Webshop , PO Box 90600 , 2509 LP The Hague ( ) . both the consumer and the entrepreneur

3. A dispute by the Disputes Committee discussed only if the consumer has submitted . Complaint within a reasonable time to the entrepreneur

4. Within three months after the dispute arose, the dispute should be brought. Written to the Disputes Committee

5 . If the consumer wants to submit to the Dispute , a dispute is bound by this choice. When the entrepreneur that wants to do , consumers will need to speak if he so desires or will be treated by the competent court . The dispute in writing within five weeks after a request in writing by the operator request , Verneemtde entrepreneur Vande consumer choice than the entrepreneur is entitled to submit to the competent judge. Within the period of five weeks ,

6. The Disputes Committee will be made under the conditions as set out in the reglementvan the Disputes Committee . Debeslissingenvan the Disputes Committee take the form of binding advice .

7. The Disputes Committee will not handle a dispute or will terminate , if the entrepreneur moratorium is granted , the state of the bankrupt or ended his business , before a dispute by the Committee at the session and a final judgment actually is highlighted .

8. If naastde Disputes Committee Webshopeen is another recognized or affiliated with the Foundation for Consumer Affairs ( SGC) or the Complaints Institute Financial Services ( Kifid ) disputes committee jurisdiction over disputes relating mainly to the method of sale or service afstandde Disputes Committee Webshopbij exclusive jurisdiction. For all other disputes or other approved joined SGC Kifid arbitration committee.