Louis C. Tiffany

L. C. Tiffany

Louis Comfort Tiffany ( New York , February 18, 1848 – New York , January 17, 1933 ) was an American glass artist and designer . He is particularly known for its stained glass and its lamps , Art Nouveau and Art Deco . Born as the eldest son of Harriet and Charles Lewis Tiffany . His parents were famous and had a company were jewelry with precious stones , watches and silverware made under the name Tiffany and Co.

The lamps are quite popular among collectors and the price of a rare original Tiffany lamp can be up to one million dollars. This auction prices caused by the increasing popularity of these lamps by famous and wealthy collectors.

In 1894 Tiffany asked for a patent on his famous Favrile glass , a fusion of normal white opalescent glass and clear ” antique” colored glass ( the type of glass for centuries used in stained- glass windows ) . It has been attempted to combine these two types of glass by heating at the time , but the results were almost always boring and uninteresting . After much experimentation , Tiffany succeeded in up to five different colors to mix allowing his work to date view of the glass art has changed .

At the beginning of the twentieth century produced Tiffany Studios in New York lampshades with great diversity. Besides geometric patterns with Indian , Moorish and other reasons , there are several animal and flower designs depicted in all shapes and sizes .
The designers were constantly concepts , color schemes and techniques to improve , resulting in a correct botanical illustration which could be used in the lamp . Acquired in detail


Today, Tiffany lamps are made in the original way by hand. The choice of the colors, and the placing in harmony of the different types of Favrile glass is not easy. After cutting of the pattern pieces of the glass to be gekoperfolied and soldered to each other in a mold.